"Every Non Profit organization should act like a profit organization, then only a non profit can serve the people better with no financial troubles. Example Red Cross, USA.


Every for Profit organizations should act like non profit organization when it comes to the service of the people. Example: Microsoft Melinda Gates Foundation, Warren Buffet $ 35 Billion dollar donation for community service "


I personally worked in non profit organizations in USA and I know how fund raising through profitable shows is important to do good service to the community. Same time, business with no social responsibility is like a mom not caring her child.

In Go4Guru, always we offer payment and free services.


Normally, Parents select nearby schools for their son or daughter for various reasons. We don't know whether those schools are equipped with great trained teachers and with good teaching methods. In every country there should be growth in the quality of education in every school. If growth is only in head and not in the body, it is not considered as a whole body growth. It don't looks nice too.


To standardize Delivery, Concepts and Process, Go4Guru introducing a free online platform help for every school in the world. It is ICE - Innovative Classroom Education.


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