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  Grade X-English


  • Reading varied informational texts
  • Identifying main and Supporting ideas
  • Understanding discourse markers
  • Organizational format; transitional phrases
  • Literacy understanding; analyzing information
  • Literary response and expression
  • Literary elements and figurative languages
  • Different forms of poetry; elements of dramatic literature
  • Different treatments of the same theme;
  • Critical analysis and evaluation
  • Analyze/evaluate poetry
  • Analyze/evaluate fiction
  • Reading for interaction 


  • Taking notes
  • Paraphrases
  • Quotations
  • Share the process of writing with peers
  • Portfolio
  • Expanding and explaining proverbs
  • Elements of literary text
  • Prewriting activities; "writing process"
  • Persuasive compositions
  • Strategies for writing
  • Conventions of academic writing
  • Writing techniques
  • Producing error free final drafts; punctuation and capitalization
  • Quotations and citations
  • Design and publish documents
  • interpret, analyze, and evaluate ideas
  • Developing a variety of writing


  • Vocabulary development; word meanings
  • Forming words using prefixes and suffixes
  • expansion for abbreviations and acronyms
  • Using compound words


  • Conditional clauses
  • Phrase prepositions and prepositional verbs


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