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  Grade XI-English


  • Understanding cohesion/coherence
  • Using correct intonation patterns
  • Literary elements and figurative languages
  • Characteristics of subgenres
  • Literacy understanding
  • Analyzing and interpreting information
  • Analyze information from different sources
  • Synthesize information from different sources
  • Read and respond to literary works
  • Literary response
  • Expression/interpret texts
  • Different forms of poetry
  • Elements of dramatic literature
  • Different treatments of the same theme
  • Critical analysis and evaluation
  • Key words/phrases in a text
  • World Literature
  • Analyze/evaluate poetry
  • Analyze/evaluate fiction
  • Reading for interaction
  • Language and jargon 


  • Note-making
  • Summarising
  • Sub-titling
  • Essay-writing
  • Letter-writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Writing a paragraph
  • Writing texts/reports/thesis
  • Using language appropriately
  • Organizational strategies
  • Writing techniques
  • Writing narratives
  • Writing compositions/reports and resumes
  • Conventions of academic writing/email
  • Tools to edit text
  • Use personal experiences to enhance writing
  • Use reading experiences to enhance writing
  • Producing error free final drafts
  • Punctuation and capitalization
  • Quotations and citations
  • Design and publish documents



  • Syllabification for reading, spelling and speaking purposes and for correct stress pattern        
  • Using words according to their grammatical function
  • Identifying differences in spelling in British/American English
  • Identifying differences between spelling and pronunciation
  • Identifying the sound/spelling regularity
  • Using words formed by clipping, blending and back-formation
  • abbreviations and acronyms


  • Using tenses in relevant contexts
  • Differentiating between tenses of the same time
  • Using different tenses for a specific time aspect
  • three types of ‘If’ clauses
  • Using conditional clauses - ‘unless’, ‘otherwise’, ‘in case’, etc., & Concessional clause
  • Using primary and modal auxiliaries as tense markers in question tags, short answers
  • Defining and Non-defining Relative Clauses
  • Simple, Compound and Complex sentences


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