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  Grade I-English


  • Word analysis
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary development
  • Read significant works of children's literature 


  • Writing strategies
  • Writing legibly in cursive with spacing
  • Writing legibly in italic with spacing
  • Compositions on familiar objects
  • Write/speak using Standard American English
  • Grammar: punctuation; capitalization; spelling 


1.1 Giving the meaning of unfamiliar words.
1.2 Identifying these words in different written/spoken
2.1 Identifying the types of sentences.
2.2 Changing declarative into interrogative and vice-versa.
2.3 Using simple imperatives in classroom conversations.
2.4 Asking/Answering questions.
3.1 Articulating consonants properly / Discriminating
between problem sounds-consonants.
4.1 Greeting people using appropriate expressions.
4.2 Introducing oneself/ others.
5.1 Skimming a text to get the general idea.
6.1 Writing connected sentences.
7.1 Referring to a dictionary for meaning and spelling.
8.1 Presenting raw data in a systematic form.


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