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  Grade I-Math
The following is the list of topics covered under Grade 1.  However it can be customized according to each student’s requirements.   


  • Number Sense

    • Pre-number concepts
    • Numbers 1 to 9
    • Ordering of numbers (ascending and descending)
    • Comparison of numbers
    • Zero
    • Numbers 10 to 100 with place value
    • Addition and Subtraction
    • Ordinal numbers
    • Skip counting
    • Multiplication
    • American Currency
    • Fractions
    • Problem solving that involve numbers that use the ones, tens, and hundreds

    Algebra and Functions

    • Number sentences with operational symbols
    • Expressions to solve problems

    Measurement and Geometry

    • Measures
    • Shapes
    • Measurements of objects
    • Common geometric figures
    • Geometric figures by common attributes
    • Describe relative position of geometric figures or their location in space

    Mathematical Reasoning

      • Make decisions about how to set up a problem
      • Solve problems and justify their reasoning
      • Note connections between one problem and another



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