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  Grade IV-Science


  • States of matter
  • Changes in states of matter
  • Composition of matter (atoms)

Force and Motion

  • Simple machines
  • Properties/effects of common forces 


  • Forms/Sources of energy
  • Transformation of energy
  • Sun's energy

Electricity and Magnetism

  • Series/parallel circuits
  • Magnetic poles
  • Simple electromagnet
  • Earth’s magnetic field
  • Electric currents and magnetic fields

Life Sciences

  • Food chain
  • Role of micro-organisms in nature
  • Ecosystem components
  • Adaptation-dependence of plants
  • Inter-dependence of animals
  • Transmission of traits in living organisms

Earth Science

  • Characteristic of minerals
  • Properties of soils
  • Types of rocks, rock cycle
  • Interactions between air, water and land
  • Changing phases of the earth

Scientific Methods

  • Scientific investigation
  • Differentiate observation from inference (interpretation)
  • Technology in scientific investigations (microscope, computers)
  • Estimating measurements
  • Construct graphs from measurements
  • Interpret graphs from measurements
  • Written instructions for a scientific investigation
  • School safety procedures while conducting experiments
  • Home safety procedures while conducting experiments


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