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  Grade V-Math

The following is the list of topics covered under Grade 5.  However it can be customized according to each student’s requirements.   

Number Sense

  • Positive integers, decimals, and fractions
  • The relationship between decimals, fractions, and percents
  • Place value of whole numbers and decimals
  • Representation on a number line
  • Addition of fractions and decimals
  • Subtraction of fractions and decimals
  • Simple multiplication of fractions and decimals
  • Division of fractions and decimals
  • Order of operations
  • Number systems

Algebra and Functions

  • Patterns and relationships
  • Use variables in simple expressions
  • The value of the expression for specific values of the variable
  • Variables, expressions, graphs and equations to solve problems
  • Linear functions
  • Solving one-step equations
  • Interpret the results based on variables
  • Equations and inequalities

Geometry and Measurement

  • Simple geometric constructions
  • Geometric concepts
  • Points on a coordinate grid
  • Parallelism, perpendicularity, congruence
  • Polygons, triangles, quadrilaterals
  • Lines of symmetry
  • The volumes and areas of simple objects
  • The properties of plane and solid geometric figures
  • The relationships between plane and solid geometric figures
  • Unit conversions

Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability

  • Different data sets, including data sets of different sizes
  • Possible outcomes, making predictions
  • Mean, median, mode, range
  • Collect/organize/graph data
  • Comparison of data sets

Mathematical Reasoning

  • Mathematics in daily life
  • Make decisions about how to approach problems
  • Steps in problem solving
  • Tools to solve problems
  • Strategies, skills, and concepts in finding solutions
  • Move beyond a particular problem by generalizing to other situations
  • Tools to record observations
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