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  Grade V-Science


  • Properties of matter
  • Changes in states of matter
  • Properties of metals
  • Periodic table of elements
  • Chemical/physical properties
  • Sources of energy
  • Forms of energy

Force and Motion

  • Simple machines
  • Properties/effects of common forces
  • Light-Reflection
  • Light- Refraction
  • Properties of sound
  • Flow of current in a electrical circuit

Earth Science

  • Atmospheric/biogeochemical cycles
  • Earth's atmosphere, Atmospheric pressure
  • Changing phases of the earth
  • Severe weather (role of convection currents)
  • Components of the solar system
  • Home safety procedures while conducting experiments
  • School safety procedures while conducting experiments 

Life Sciences 

  • Factors that promote good health and growth
  • Parts of a plant
  • Multicellular organisms
  • Life cycle of plants/animals
  • Circulation of blood, Exchange of air
  • Excretory system (role of the kidney)
  • Basic components of an ecosystem
  • Impact of humans on the environment
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