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  Grade VI-Physics


  • Sources of energy
  • Forms of energy transfer
  • Transformation of energy
  • Interactions between matter and energy
  • Law of conservation of energy

Force and Motion

  • Relationship between force and motion
  • Types of forces
  • Vibrations in materials
  • Simple machines
  • Newton's First Law of Motion
  • Graphical representation of changes in motion

Earth Science

  • Plate tectonics
  • Sun as the major source of energy
  • Forces that shape the Earth's features
  • Types of rocks, rock cycle
  • Layers of the earth
  • Reshaping of topography
  • Major geologic events
  • Equipment/transportation for space travel
  • Solar system
  • Predicting local weather
  • Equipment for space travel
  • Transportation for space travel 

Scientific Methods

  • History of science
  • Safe and ethical investigation procedures
  • Representation of data
  • Instructions for a scientific investigation


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