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  Grade VII-Biology

Cell Biology

  • Cell function in living organisms
  • Characteristics of plant cells
  • Characteristics of animal cells
  • Nucleus- repository for genetic information
  • Mitochondria
  • Chloroplasts
  • Cell division 


  • Reproduction in organisms
  • Development in organisms
  • Cells and Genes
  • Advances in genetic engineering 


  • Diversity of organisms
  • Evolution of organisms
  • Theory of Evolution
  • Classification of organisms - branching diagrams
  • Extinction of species

Structure and Function in Living System

  • Organ systems and their interactions
  • Organization levels in organisms
  • Importance of major nutrients in maintaining health
  • Virus


  • Ecosystem- interrelationship; Atmospheric cycles
  • Ecological succession
  • Biological adaptation
  • Flow of energy
  • Pollution




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