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  Grade VII-Math

The following is the list of topics covered under Grade 7.  However it can be customized according to each student’s requirements.   

Number sense and operation

  • Integers, positive rational numbers
  • Fractions, decimals, whole numbers, and percents
  • Squares and square roots
  • Scientific notation, radicals, absolute value, irrational/real numbers
  • Primes, factors, multiples, number sequences
  • Rates and ratios
  • Positive/negative numbers - inverse relationships
  • Problem involving percents
  • Numerical expressions
  • Order of operations and exponents


  • Simplifying numerical expressions
  • Operations on monomials
  • Arithmetic sequences
  • Linear/non-linear functions, equations, inequalities
  • Multistep problems

Geometry and spatial reasoning

  • Complementary or supplementary angles
  • Properties of triangles and quadrilaterals
  • Properties of three-dimensional figures, including pyramids, cones, prisms, and cylinders
  • Geometric concepts
  • Tessellations
  • Rectangular coordinate system
  • Reflections/translations on a coordinate plane
  • Similarity
  • Pythagorean theorem
  • Congruence


  • Length (including perimeter and circumference)
  • Area of polygons and other shapes
  • Volume of prisms and cylinders
  • Relative error and magnitude

Probability and statistics

  • Representations of data
  • Sample spaces for simple or composite experiments
  • Probability of independent events
  • Mean, median, mode, and range
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