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  Grade VII-Physics

Earth Sciences

  • Geologic processes
  • Plate tectonics
  • Timeline processes
  • River system, ground water, weathering, erosion
  • Weather and climate
  • Types of rocks, rock cycle
  • Development of plant
  • Extinction of plant
  • Animal life
  • Earth's spheres
  • Earth's movement
  • Maps and directions
  • Solar system
  • Rotation and revolution
  • Phases of the moon


  • Forms of energy
  • Sources of energy - non-renewable fossil fuels

Force and Motion

  • Motion and force
  • Newton's laws of motion
  • Effects of common forces on objects
  • Magnetism and electromagnetism
  • Simple machines
  • Magnetism and electromagnetism


  • Electromagnetic spectrum
  • Properties of Light
  • White light
  • Applications of lenses

Scientific methods

  • Methods of investigation; controlled experiments
  • Safety procedures in the laboratory
  • Safety procedures in the classroom
  • Representation of observations
  • Use of measurement tools: microscopes
  • History of science


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