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  Grade IX-Chemistry


  • Concepts of solutions
  • Concentration of a solution
  • Chromatography and distillation
  • Concentration of ions in a solution
  • Effects of acid rain
  • Factors that influence solubility

Conservation of Matter and Stoichiometry

  • Chemical compounds; types of chemical formula
  • Conservation of mass, energy, and charge
  • Percent composition by mass of each element in a compound
  • Writing balanced equations
  • Mole, molar mass
  • Properties of solids, liquids, gases
  • Properties of mixtures and pure substances
  • Changes in matter
  • Energy transformations/exchanges in chemical reactions
  • Thermal energy - random motion of atoms/molecules
  • Temperature - average kinetic energy of the particles
  • Intermolecular forces - hydrogen bonding
  • Physical properties of substances
  • Catalyzed/uncatalyzed reaction
  • Entropy

Oxidation and Reduction

  • Corrosion; electroplating
  • Oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions
  • Voltaic/electrolytic cells; electrolysis
  • Atomic and Molecular Structure
  • Properties of subatomic particles
  • Stable/unstable isotopes
  • Periodic table; physical characteristics of an element
  • Periodic table;chemical characteristics of an elemen
  • Periodic table – elements
  • Periodic table - elements; trends in ionization energy
  • Periodic table- number of electrons available for bonding
  • Nucleus of an atom- mass, size etc. 

Chemical Equations

  • Elements/compounds - scientific nomenclature 

Gases and Their Properties

  • Kinetic Molecular Theory; Collision Theory
  • Standard temperature and pressure (STP)
  • Celsius/Kelvin temperature

Acids, Bases and Salts

  • Acids, bases, and salt solutions; neutralization reactions
  • Effects of acids and bases on an ecological system
  • pH value/scale
  • Titration
  • Rate of a chemical reaction



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