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  How it Works

How it works
Each student will be given a user name and password. When a student logs in, he or she can access to the whiteboard, tutorial, voice and video chat room. The student will be able to exchange notes, write on the discussion board. The student can download questions and upload answers.

  • The students and teachers can interact by using the voice and video chat room.
  • They can use the text messaging facility for better interaction.
  • By attaching an electronic pen, the students and teachers can write in the whiteboard so the student will be able to implement what ever he learns.
  • Upload / download question/answers.

As soon as the tutor and the students log in, they can interact on what subject they are going to learn and start the tutoring classes through the whiteboard. You can choose the one which suits you from the packages Go4Guru offers.

Tutoring process:
Joining Go4Guru is easy.
Get yourself registered with us in any of the three ways:-

  • Log in by visiting www.go4guru.com
  • Just dial 202 903 0242 which is available 24/7 and register with us. Registering with us is absolutely free and you will be given a free one hour demo.
  • Or Email to us your name, contact address, the subject you want help to tutoring@go4guru.com.

As soon as you register with us, our representative will contact you and explain to you the course details and the fee structure. You can choose the courses, timings as per your convenience. During the demo session, the tutor will analyze the student and plan the curriculum accordingly. There will be diagnostic test which will evaluate the student’s proficiency in his subjects.

After you enroll with us, you will be given the required software. Go4Guru believes in one–on-one tutoring which will cater to the student’s needs. Our tutoring sessions will be informative and interactive so that they can understand the lessons and learn more. This will assist the student to improve their scores.

Students can choose their own time for the classes. For instance if your subject is Math for grade 6 and you prefer Monday and Wednesday 7 pm to 8 pm, every week your classrooms will be open for the same. Any technical problems or for rescheduling classes in cases when you are unable to attend the class on particular day, you can contact your class coordinator through email (tutoring@go4guru.com) or by calling us at 443 541 3391.

Now turn your PC into an interactive classroom. You are sure to enjoy learning with Go4Guru.

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