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   SAT Preparation And Coaching

Importance of SAT:

Scholastic Aptitude Test is the formal abbreviation meant for SAT. SAT is the regular study used for college admission in US. Most of the colleges from USA have acknowledged this exam as a mandatory one for students who wish to do their undergraduate and other master programs in US colleges.

By this time you would have got a query like, why this SAT mark is considered to be the most basic for getting college seats in US? There is a big reason behind this SAT. By conducting this exam, the colleges can easily identify the students who are capable to face any skill based difficulty. Yes. Through this exam, universities can measure the creative, critical thinking, writing, reading and problem solving skills of the students based on the marks they obtained in SAT exam.

SAT Preparation Online

This major exam is separated into two main divisions. That is

  • SAT reasoning test
  • SAT subject based test

SAT reasoning test will help colleges to know the students logical thinking capacity to solve the problems in a sensible way. SAT subject test will help the colleges to go for admission, course placement, etc. and also this SAT subject test will help the students to get to know about the course selection.

All about SAT Test:

  • All the students who have finished class XII and the students who are studying class XI and XII are eligible to appear for this exam.
  • Students are required to cover three subject areas to pass this SAT reasoning test. That is
    • Critical reading
    • Mathematics
    • Writing
  • Test includes three kinds of questions
    • Multiple-Choice questions
    • Mathematics
    • Essay type questions
  • There are 3 hours and 45 minutes will be given to complete this exam.
  • Students can score the maximum of 2400 marks whereas each subject carries 800 marks.
  • Cut-off marks will vary from college to college.
  • To pass this SAT test professional coaching has become a necessity.

Why SAT coaching is must:

Most of the students and parents will ask why the students need to take SAT coaching to pass the test. Reasons include:

  • Since the SAT mark is considered to be a great tool to know the student's objective power by the colleges, the students are being put under a pressure to pass the examination. So to pass out this exam, everyone needs a professional coaching.
  • SAT preparation and coaching will help the students to improve their wide range of knowledge performance to face SAT exam.
  • Most of the colleges required SAT marks. So getting an expected cut-off marks is made mandatory. And to fulfill your expectation on SAT exams, coaching from professional institution is must to make your learning path successful.

SAT Coaching from Go4Guru.com:

  • Online coaching classes were started by Go4Guru for the students in US in the year of 2007.
  • Go4Guru.com will help their students make feel comfortable by providing them classes in 1 on 1 basis
  • We also teach all international languages like French, German, Spanish and much more. Our teaching also includes Online Carnatic music, Online Hindustani music, Math, Science, English, Chess, Abacus, and Yoga.
  • There are online classrooms available with Go4Guru.com.
  • We also facilitate the students with audio, video, white board, chat and document sharing facility.
  • Join here and get a real time SAT learning experience from Go4Guru.com.
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