Space Science Conference - NASA - 2018

Space Science Conference is initiative by Go4Guru, to bring together all the genius young minds of the world to show their interest, creativity, and knowledge in the field of Aerospace, Aeronautics. It is a platform where students get a chance to witness their level of participation. This exposure has culminated children to opt for scientific studies in diffrent field, apart from the regular stream of Engineering and Medicine. These children have had the pride and privilege of attending the conference at the Kennedy Space Centre, in the United States.

This would be a valuable experience for any of the student who chooses to participate. We appreciate any help that you can provide by making sure that all interested students get encouragement to participate. This will motivate each individual and will help them fetch their level best as a team.

International MUN - UNO, New York

United Nation- It’s an International organization consisting of 193 member states/countries. It works based on various committees like Security Council, General Assembly- DISEC and ECOSOC. Delegates from each country are a member of these committees and they represent their country where they work together with other delegates of various countries to obtain sustainable development goals, international peace, and Security.

MUN is an academic simulation of the United Nation designed to help students understand diplomacy, international relations and working of the UN itself while acquiring skills like public speaking, debating, writing, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership.

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International Educational Tours

We have 10 years of expertise in running International Educational tours by creating tailor made excursions for schools and institutions who are interested in educational trips to NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Florida in the United States. Check out our videos about the latest NASA tour.

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